Serious injury claims

serious injury claims from Bamber and Co Solicitors in Burnley
Serious injury claims from Bamber and Co Solicitors – help when you need it the most

Bamber and Co Solicitors are a no win, no fee legal claims company.  We specialise in helping people who have suffered catastrophic injuries to make successful serious injury claims.

Serious accidents have many causes, including:

  • Human error or carelessness
  • Workplace Health & Safety non-compliance
  • Often involve staircases
  • Often involve vehicles
  • Sometimes involve recreational drugs
  • Sometimes involve accidental poisoning

Because the days and weeks following a serious accident are vital to recovery, Bamber Solicitors is the ideal choice to reduce the hassle and time associated with putting in a serious injury claim, letting you focus on what’s important.

If you or a loved one has been affected by a serious injury, Bamber Solicitors might be able to help you claim for compensation to take off some of the financial pressure. We can give you unbiased, practical advice about making a claim so contact us by phone.

Making An Injury Claim With Bamber Solicitors

Bamber Solicitors deal efficiently and sensitively with personal injury claims ranging from head and brain, to spinal injury, to fatal accident compensation claims.

We do our best to take the hassle and pressure out of making a personal injury claim, building a good relationship with you and providing a link with the other party and the courts that is not intrusive or time-consuming.

If your claim for a personal injury accident is unsuccessful, because we are a no win, no fee company, you do not have to pay.

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